Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List: Classroom Curtains

If you remember from my bucket list post, I wasn’t interested in making curtains for my windows (there are six of them and they are HUGE) but rather to cover up cluttered shelves, like this:

This was a fairly straight forward project. I ordered fabric I liked (surprise! It’s blue, green and puppies!!) and measured the height and width of my shelves. 

Then I cut the fabric to be about two inches taller than the book shelf, so I could fold it over an inch and make a pocket for a curtain rod; and a few inches wider on each side so that I could bunch it on the rod. 

Then all I needed to do was break out my trusty heat-n-bond, which I previously used on my bunting banner, and iron on a hem and a pocket for the rod. 
I folded over the top and used the heat n bond to create a pocket down the entire length of the curtain for the curtain rod to slide through

And TA-DA! Instant clutter cover!! 

Bucket List Progress: 
1. Supply Storage
2. Pendant Banner
3. Curtains

4. Brownie Points Magnetic Board
5. Spend time at the Pool/Beach
6. Finish TPT Units – Back To SchoolFall, Halloween, Thanksgiving,
 Christmas, Winter, Valentine's, Spring,  Alphabet Wake Up 
Work,Numbers & Shapes Wake Up Work, request for stamping 
centers unit
7. Crate Seats for Guided Reading
8. Listening Center Seats & Storage
9. Sight Word Sticks
10. Door Wreath
11. Little Books - Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan. Feb/Mar, Apr/May, 
12. Pocket Charts - Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan. Feb/Mar,
Apr/May, Jun/Jul

I do have one more surprise project up my sleeve, but pretty much all that is left is my listening center seats and TPT stuff. The TPT stuff I will continue to work on throughout the fall, but these last few weeks of summer I am much more focused on relaxing and soaking up the sun, than sitting in front of my computer all day. Can I get an AMEN!


  1. I am such a slacker. I haven't worked on much this summer and now have a lot of projects to finish! Tomorrow will be crate seats day and finishing birthday and center charts!

  2. wow you've got a lot of stuff done!! good job!