Monday, July 16, 2012

*Free* Literacy Center/ Daily 5 Icons

Hey all, I apologize for the lack of posting this last week. My momma has been here and we have been beachin’ and craftin’ like crazy! I can’t wait to show you some of the things we made!
My freebie today is a set of center icons I created for my work board. I print out four sets so that I can assign them across all four of my reading groups, like this:

And if you are wondering, the reason I have two game centers is so that I can differentiate the games. The more challenging games go into center A for the the higher kids and the review games go into B for the kids who need more work on the concept.

I was inspired by Deanna’s icons, which are what I used last year. So I hunted down those cute icons at Thistlegirl, bought a license and made my own with my coordinating blue and green backgrounds. I hope you like them!  I have yet to decide if I am going to do Daily 5 yet or not, so I also created graphics that would work with the Daily 5. 

Get yours HERE!


Rachel said...


Nicole said...

Love your icons! Ok... I've never ventured into Thistlegirl, and when I do I get confused - you HAVE to have a license to use any of it, right? And when you do, it opens up a bunch of the clipart, yes? Then you have access to all the clipart or do you still have to buy it after that?!
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Jessica Ann Stanford said...

Very cute!!!
✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏

Mrs. M said...

These are great!
Thank you!


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Lisa R. said...

Your icons are so cute! I can't wait to use them. Thank you! :)
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Sharon Dudley said...

Rachelle, I thought I was already following you before - well, I am now! :) It's been lovely talking to you. If you have time, stop by and pick up some freebies from my blog.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT

Rose said...

I just gave you an award. Head over to me blog to claim it.

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Barbara Barclay said...

Trying to download and print the Thistlegirl icons
for Daily 5 and having trouble. Can you post your icons so they can be copied.
Frustrated in Iowa

Liz said...

I was able to download the center icons, but can't print them either. I love them and would like to print. Can you post them again? By the way, I love your site!

Liz Mccaw said...

These are great and the perfect size. Thank you. Liz :)

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