Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Sale

Everything in my store is on sale! Hope you are all having a wonderful three day weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A quick farm update

As promised, here are some of our cow glyphs along with one of the kids data sheet up on the barn.

And a writing sample from their farm books:

These activities are from Deanna Jump!

In other news, I have already completed three, yes THREE! of my summer bucket list projects and it's not even summer yet! (11 days away) I'll post the details of each one once the madness of the next two weeks is over! Guess I will have to find a few more projects to do over the actual summer.....

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Down on the Farm!

Baa, Oink, Moo....Someone is glad this week is through!!!

That's right! Today is my Friday since tomorrow I'll be at the hospital for surgery instead of at school!

We've been working on farm fun for the last two weeks.
We started the first week talking very generally about farms and farmers -

from Deanna Jump's farm unit
And the second week we went more in depth about each animal. The kids have been writing about the animals as we learn and on Monday when I go back I will take pictures of their writing in their Farm books since they still have to finish up chickens with the substitute tomorrow. They will also be making the adorable cow glyphs from Deanna's unit, so I will be sure to take pics of those too.

We compared Pigs and Sheep: 
from Deanna
 And graphed our favorite farm animals:
Some of the books we read this week:

Some of our math journals:
These next two activities are from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons:
Little Reader

Syllable Sorting
And here are our centers from my Fresh from the Farm Pack (unless otherwise noted):
sorting Ch and Sh words

Ending Sounds

sentence order

bossy E words

beginning blends

making tallies

ten frames

missing numbers

number words 21-30

clapping syllables

sorting or/ar words from Deanna Jump

real/nonsense words

counting tallies

addition to 20

counting by 5s
We also finished up our American Symbols unit and I remembered to take pictures before they took their books home. Here's some of their writing and our anchor chart:

When I return to school on Monday we will start our two week study of Ocean Animals using Deanna's Ocean Unit and my Under the Sea Centers:

Then it's one week of pirates and we are done for the year!!! 13 Days to go!!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

I'm linking up with Hadar, Teri, and April for their Summer Bucket List Linky Party!!
Here's what is on my summer bucket list....

1. Crate Seats - I'm hoping to get my mom down here to help me make these! I'm envisioning cool blues and greens for mine. I'll either get lime crates and aqua polka dot fabric or vise versa. Maybe some of each.

2. Pendant Banner for over my windows - Like Babbling Abby's, again in blues and greens and maybe a yellow ribbon for the top

3. Some curtains to cover cluttered shelves - I'm going to use a tension rod and fusible webbing to do my hemming and this cute dog fabric.

4. Spend more time at the beach/pool - it is our backyard after all!
Delray Beach

5. Find a good book to read - anyone have any suggestions? I've read so many it's hard to find good ones that I haven't read.

6. Get my fall units done for TPT - I've started, but haven't finished Back to school, scarecrows, fall, halloween and thanksgiving!! That's a lot to finish!

7. Make one of these Organizers - I love this blue and green combination!
8. Make a Brownie Points Magnetic Board for Class Rewards, though I want to make mine puppy themed with bone shaped magnets and a cute saying like "training treats" or "puppy treats" 
And that's it! What's on your bucket list? And do you have a good poolside book for me?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Sale Finds

Here's what I picked up at the teacher sale!!
Ocean Animals Math and Literacy FunPirates Math and Literacy Fun!
Ocean and Pirates, Both from Deanna Jump, perfect themes to end out our year!
 Community Helpers Math and Literacy Centers
At Your Service, From Julie Lee, for community helpers next year. 
Fix It Up! Sentences for Grammar, Sight Words & Handwriting
Sentence fix it up! From Growing Kinders, this packet is great for sentence conventions.
 Fun with Firsties! {Back to School for First Grade}
Fun with Firsties from Babbling Abby, for a sweet friend moving to 1st grade next year (tear)
Graduation Kids
Graduation Kids from Peace, Love and Kindergarten, so cute for graduation!
Kindergarten Summer Homework Calendars
Summer homework packets from Katie Mense, just what I need to send home for over the summer!
Polka Dot Word Wall Words
And last but not least, I LOVE these cards from Erica Bohrerto brighten up my word wall next year :)

What did you find???