Monday, July 9, 2012

*FREE* magnet incentive board/ summer bucket list

I’m moving right along in my summer bucket list! Today I’m talking about my magnet incentive board! I was inspired by this picture off pinterest:

I started by changing it around a bit. I decided to title it “Scooby Snacks” to fit in with my dog theme, and to use bones instead of brownies. I made labels up on the computer and here’s what my board looks like!:

I used hot glue to attach the labels, as well as to attach some ribbon to the back to hang it from!

I’ve ordered some bone magnets to use off etsy, but you can use laminated paper ones (like the brownies) as well.

Today’s freebie is everything you need to make a board! It comes with the labels for the board, bones to make magnets, and a label for a jar to hold your bones. (I’m still looking for the perfect size jar so I don’t have a picture of that part yet! Click below to get your freebies!

All in all, this project was easy-peasy!

Bucket List Progress: 

Now my summer to do list is looking like this:

1. Supply Storage

2. Pendant Banner

3. Curtains

4. Brownie Points Magnetic Board

5. Spend time at the Pool/Beach (this is an ongoing one, but I've 

been really good about it! So I feel good crossing it off!)

6. Finish TPT Units – Back To SchoolFall, Halloween, Thanksgiving,

 Christmas, Winter, Valentine's, Spring,  Alphabet Wake Up 

Work,Numbers & Shapes Wake Up Work, request for stamping 

centers unit

7. Crate Seats for Guided Reading
8. Listening Center Seats & Storage

9. Sight Word Sticks

10. Door Wreath

11. Little Books - Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan. Feb/Mar, Apr/May, 


12. Pocket Charts - Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan. Feb/Mar,

Apr/May, Jun/Jul


  1. You have been working hard. I like the scooby snacks!

  2. I love your scooby snacks!! That summer to do list is becoming less and less by the day! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure