Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Pictures & In Words: Chapter 9

I had a super hard time with this chapter. 
Isn't this where you study??
I have a very limited supply of books here at home to take pictures from, so this week I’m just going to list some of the books that came to mind for some of the techniques. 

Technique #28:  Crafting and ending that pulls multiple text elements together
 An ending illustration may pull visual elements together from across the text
I immediately thought of Brown Bear, Brown Bear where you meet each character, then at the end see all of them together.

Technique 23:  Keeping Static Details Consistent
The static details of characters, objects, and places are consistent throughout the book.
For this technique I thought of the book Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. Her teacher Mr. Slinger has those same great glasses in each picture of him.

Technique #25: Building Meaning from One Idea to the Next
Illustrations may be connected so that significant meaning builds across them, the details in one picture suggesting what might be pictured in later illustrations
This technique brought to mind a favorite Valentine’s read of mine “The Day it Rained Hearts.” In the beginning of the book you see the little girl collecting hearts and turning them into very different, quirky valentines. One is painted in a green mosaic, one has holes all over it, one has a cotton ball in the middle of it. Later in the book you find out that each valentine has been created to match one of her animal friends. Turtle’s valentine is painted to look like his shell. You saw this earlier in the book, but you don’t connect that it’s a turtle shell till you see turtle with the valentine. Same with Rabbit’s cotton ball tail valentine and Mouse’s cheese-hole valentine.

That’s all I’ve got because this was HARD!

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