Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Pictures and In Words: Chapter 8

So I packed “In Pictures and In Words” in my beach bag Friday and had 100% intent to read it. Somehow between this

and this

It just didn’t happen. So Now I’m playing catch up!

Chapter 8 talks about Precision and Detail and I’m going to share just a few examples of the different techniques that I found in my stash of books I have here at home. First I had to pull “In Pictures…” out of my beach bag, which almost made me consider putting this off further to go back to the beach, but I remained strong.

Technique #13 Crafting Details of Expression and Gesture
“ Facial expressions and gestures are meaningful details”
This illustration is from “Blueberries for Sal” a book I talked about last week. 

I just love the expressions. Look at the mom’s face when she realizes it’s not Sal behind her, but a bear cub!

And look at Mama Bear’s face when she realizes it’s not her cub behind her! Can’t you just feel the shock of it?

Technique #14 Crafting Physical Details of Characters
“ The physical details of characters – clothing, hairstyles, adornments, are very revealing.
This illustration is from “Casey at the Bat.”

Look at those freckles! The flaming red hair! The flushed look all over his face, hands, elbows!

Technique #17 Showing the effects of weather on a scene
“ Details can show the effect of weather on a scene.”
I love this two page spread from “Madeline” that shows Paris in two very different states of weather. 

On the rainy side you see dark, dreary Paris, people with umbrellas running to and fro, puddles, rain. On the sunny side you see bright, fun Paris, people walking leisurely through the park, boats floating in the pond.

Technique #18 Crafting details from the world of people.
“Using details from the world of people brings authenticity to the scene”
This picture is also from “Madeline” all the page says is “she was not afraid of mice” nothing about a kitchen. Yet, she is obviously in a kitchen. Look at the details from the world of people – the pots, pans, knives, smoking stove, carving tools, measuring cups…. Anything you would need for cooking in the kitchen is in the scene.

Technique #20 Creating the Illusion of Motion with Detail
“Details can create the illusion of motion”
This picture is from another book from last week “Hurricane”.

See the leaves moving to and fro all over the page? It’s clearly VERY windy, as it would be during a hurricane.

Technique #21 Creating the illusion of sound with details
“ Details can create the illusion of sound”
This picture from “Paul Bunyan” makes me laugh every time. 

Can’t you just hear Babe slurping all that soup?

That’s all I’ve got! I’ll be back tomorrow with another freebie, and my summer bucket list project from last week!

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