Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sneak Peak: TPT Sale

Here's what I grabbed at the back to school sale!

A Differentiated Kindergarten's See, Bead, Write and Read, Bead, Write. I just ordered the letter beads and I am so excited to use this for a word work option during Daily 5! 

DeeDee Will's Writing workstations for October and November. I love these for my writing center! I'll buy the rest later in the year :)

Now, two things....
1) For those of you who have been asking about pocket chart stories for October & November to go with the little books I already posted, I'm working on them! I had the packet about halfway down and then the computer corrupted and deleted my file!! I have to start all over!
2) You should go follow my co-team leader Jessica at For the Love of Little Learners, she needs some followers! Doesn't she look fun?
She's gonna love me for posting this picture :) We had a little photo shoot in my room for one of our bulletin boards... I'll post about it soon!!


  1. Your room is soooo precious! And I got so excited when I saw that you are using my 5 Star Writing posters! You did a wonderful job =) Hope you have a great school year!
    Jessica =)

  2. p.s. (Sorry, this was supposed to be on the classroom tour post! hehe)

    1. I couldn't remember who those were from! I'll add a link to you tonight!