Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back To School Books

Here are some of my very favorite books to use at back-to-school time! Click on any book in this post to take you to it!


David Goes to School, The Kissing Hand, The Night Before Kindergarten - 
These three are great for covering feelings about school, and rules. I always read these three sometime during the first week. 


Pete the Cat, Brown Bear, Brown Bear - 
I always hit colors hard the first few weeks of school and both these books are great for teaching colors. 


Chicka, Chicka, Boom Boom and Alphabet Adventure - 
Both are great books for introducing letters and alphabetical order, which we all teach at the beginning of the year, right?


Chrysanthemum, A My Name is Alice - 
Another popular beginning of the year theme is names. Their own name is usually the first thing kids learn to write/recognize so it's a great starting point. Both these books are great for talking about names. 

I was REALLY bad about taking pictures our first week. I think those ones of our picture fundraiser are the only ones. Oh, and this one, of our Jitter Juice:

This coming week we are starting our Calendar Notebooks (using Growing Kinder's awesome resource), Reader's Workshop (using Kim's fabulous units), Daily 5, Writer's Workshop, and our math, science and social studies curriculum. We'll also be continuing our study of colors, and we'll be talking about our names and community helpers for Labor day. It should be a good (and busy!) week. I'll try to take more pictures. Tomorrow promises to be nice and wet thanks to Hurricane Isaac.... guess I better plan something for indoor recess!

Here are some of the resources I'll be using, if you want to check them out:

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  1. Thank you for linking up Rachelle! You are woman after my own heart! Those are some of my favorites too!