Saturday, August 25, 2012

"My First Day of Kindergarten" Photo Fundraiser

Here is a fabulous, fabulous, fundraiser thought up by my creative principal. At Meet the Teacher day before school started, each parent received a flyer advertising our fundraiser:

It said that for $5.00 they could order a picture of their child with their teacher on their very first day, and that the picture would be in a special frame decorated by the child.

Then, on the first day, we set up a little sign on one of the bulletin boards:

And we took picture of each kid with their teacher in front of it. Then we had the kids decorate picture frames:

We used these ones from Oriental Trading:

The kids had a lot of fun gluing on all the puzzle pieces and it was great for practicing "A dot holds a lot!"

Our principal had all the pictures developed at Walgreens and they looked so adorable in the frames!

It's a priceless memory for the parents, and all the money goes right back to the kids via field trips, projects, parties, etc. A win-win!


  1. I love it! Just sent the link of this post to my principal!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Kindergarten Korner

  2. This is a good idea. You'll get the chance to meet the students and have pictures with them and at the same time, help other people by fund raising. Visit us at if you need any tips with your kids.