Saturday, August 18, 2012

Classroom Tour 2012-2013

I’m SkippyJon Jones Skippito and my room is Finito!!

Here’s a little 2012-2013 Classroom Tour.

From Outside in the Hallway:

The speech bubbles above the dogs say "Welcome to Room 4-106" "Home of Mrs. Rosenblit's Kinder-pups". My Where are We? Poster is hanging out here, as well as my wreath. 

View from the door: 
You can see my student tables, cubbies on the left, palm tree and listening center, pocket chart center, and small group table in the back. 

Looking Back at the door: 
Sorry this one is light. Those are my buntings I made, and my dismissal clip chart

Immediately to the right of the door:
These are my student backpack hooks, displays for excellent writing, and 5 star writing posters up top. 

Next to the hooks:
This is my check in area. Folders go in the light blue basket, agendas in the lime green basket. The tray holds their wake-up work. On the board is my find arts schedule - I move the dog down the dog houses to show where we are going that day. My Common Core Standards and Essential Questions (by Deanna Jump) are both hanging here as well. You can see a little of my alphabet posters up top.

To the right of the check in area:
This is my main white board. The student cubbies are underneath. My Alphabet posters and puppy color posters are up top. 

Closeup of the left side:
This side will have one of my student of the month posters, and has my daily schedule cards (by Caitlyn Clabby). On the cubbies are my standards and essential question cards for the posters, sorted by subject, my birthday balloons, and my pointers. 

Closeup of the Left side:
This picture is kind of light too. This side holds my other student of the month poster, as well as our class incentive board - paw print points. On the cubbies are the paw print magnets that go on the board (in a dog dish), our "The dog ate my homework" homework turn in box, and my caddy with markers etc. You can see a little of our work board to the right. 

To the right of the cubbies:
This is our Daily 5 workboard. All the kids are divided into a group (beagles, bulldogs, poodles, or pugs) and their name is written on a magnet. Whoever is next to them is their partner. The paw prints at the top show rotation 1,2,3, and 4. The kids rotate to teacher table with the whole group, then with their partner to read to self or read to someone, listen to reading or computer, and word work or work on writing. Whatever they don't do one week, they do the next. I also use this table for my leap pads, which are a word work option. The math books belong in my office, they just hadn't been put away yet. 

To the right of the work board:
Here in the corner is my listen to reading area under the palm tree, my take home bags on the hooks, shape posters up on the wall and my pocket chart. 

To the right of that, at the back of the room:
This is my small group meeting area. I have my kidney table, crate seats (full of workbooks and small group materials) my easel, two shelves full of teacher resources and leveled books, A shelf with my Running Records kit and Fundations Kit. Hiding back behind the pocket chart and easel is a cart full of resource picture books for writer's workshop. I have tissue paper poms and my banners hanging back here too. Reading Strategy posters are on the right of the board, my name and clock on the left. The board will hold student work. On top of the book shelves are my daily work divider, pencil shorpener and pencil cups, toolbox, and file folder holder. 

To the right of the small group area:
This is my word work/word wall area. Popcorn words are added under the dogs after we have learned them. Word Work options are kept in the colorful cart. Next to the bathroom is our dog tag board, and the tags the kids can learn are in an organizer on top of the shelf, near the paper towel and tissue. Hiding behind that dog print curtain are games and movies. The door you see is to the bathroom. 

To the right of the bathroom:
This is my writing center. The posters on the wall are I CAN posters from DeeDee Wills writing packs. The white container holds lost crayons and next to it is extra scissors. On the desk itself - the small baskets hold crayons, markers, colored pencils, and pencils. The trays hold the different paper options. You can also see the door to the kitchen in this picture. Bunting banner up above, behavior chart on the door. 

Close up of the behavior chart:
This is my Dog House behavior chart. Students start on green and depending on their behavior they can move up or down. 

To the right of the door:
This is my computer area. Two student computers on the table, my computer, TV and VCR on the cart. You can see a little bit of my carpet area in the back of this picture.

To the right of the computers:
This is my birthday display. Each bowl has a month on it and the bones in the bowls have the kids names and dates on them. Next to the birthday display is another bulletin board and some of my library shelves.

To the right of the birthdays:
This board holds our letter/sight words we are working on, comprehension and connection skills by Live Love Laugh Kindergarten, and our weekly classroom jobs. Underneath this board are two library shelves.

Continuing to the right:
Here you see the library shelf I was talking about. I used Erica Bohrer's library organization set and I LOVE it. You can also see my tree and seasons poster. As the seasons change, so will the tree to reflect the season. It's the only way I know to show the change to my kids in a concrete way since we only get one season here in FL. This is also my teacher chair, and schoolgirlstyle lanterns up above. On the board is my calendar, and days of the week set. That blue pocket chart in the corner is our 100s chart. 

Another view of the calendar area:

A full shot of the front of the room:
Calendar stuff on the left, blank space in the middle for morning message, Dog House 100s chart to the right. Below the board is our 100s chart, another library shelf with characters and a bucket of expo markers and erasers up top, dry erase boards in the bin on the floor, and my other easel. You can see my carpet etiquette posters by on the far right. The number posters at the very top are from Live Love Laugh Kindergarten too.  

Here's the right side of this wall:
Carpet etiquette rules by First Grade Fever, Classroom rules from Inspired By Kindergarten, book shelf and under the bookshelf are bins with expo markers, dry erase paddles, and reading buddies (stuffed animals). My chart paper is on one side of the big teaching easel, and another pocket chart on the other side. You can see the door we came in on the far right so we've now gone all the way around the room. 

Here's a view standing on the carpet, looking back at the room:
The lounge chairs under the easel are for read to self. 

And that's it!! What do you think??

I'm going to post about our Meet the Teacher day later this weekend. 


  1. Love your dog theme!!!! Too cute!
    I'm hosting a classroom tour linky party! Would love for you to join in on the fun! :)

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