Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday

These are my teaching must haves:

 HeidiSongs DVDs – love, love, love them, and so do the kids! They learn their letters/sounds and sight words so fast!

 Scentos/Mr. Sketch Stix – Love these. It’s amazing what good work a kid will do for a smelly star or smiley face on their paper!

 LakeShore Learning Instant Learning Centers – for the days when you feel like you have nothing together. Happens to the best of us. Everything you need for the center is in the box. No extra work required!
 Scotch Sticky Chart Paper – I’m lucky that my school orders these for us. They are the best! No more taping charts up to the wall! These stick like a charm and come down easily without pulling up paint!
Pebble Plus Books – LOVE. Beautiful pictures. Simple, easy to understand sentences. Every non-fiction topic under the sun! Use them for Science, use them for social studies, use them for your theme units, just use them!! I have their plant set, their ocean animal set, their dinosaur set, and a ton more on the way thanks to DonorsChoose!
My ScotchLaminator.... I use it for everything!! Decorations, centers, the list goes on and on and on...

Coffee/Diet Coke... I WILL NOT make it through the day without caffeine!!!


  1. I like the Pebble books a lot. We used them in first grade to talk about landforms and the kids were very comfortable reading them and getting information, which didn't happen with many other non-fiction books.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Heidi songs dvd's! My kids go crazy when we put them on. I'm your newest follower :) Follow me on