Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Freebies

A few weeks ago I had pinned this adorable idea from Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten .
She had put two dice inside the chick, had the kids shake it, then write addition sentences using the numbers rolled. I looked everywhere for those chicks, to no avail. Until today, when I stopped into the Dollar Tree to pick up sandwich bags and there they were!

Right on the front display. I quick snatched some up and then made this recording sheet to go with them. Grab it for free by clicking on it.

AND right next to those chicks were these cute carrots that I thought would go perfect with our plant unit we are starting next week.

So I grabbed 3 bags of those too, thinking I would make an activity similar to the heart box activity I posted about back in February. So I'm going to number each carrot and then fill each one with letter tiles to make sight words (you could also do spelling words, vocabulary words, cvc words, cvce or ccvc words) and the kids will open each and unscramble and record on their paper. Here's the recording sheet I made to go with the carrots (click to grab for free):

So if you have grabbed either of these two things from the Dollar Tree lately I hope you find these activities useful!


  1. These are wonderful! I think I actually have some of these that I have saved from years past. I am going to have to go look and pull them out! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Mrs. Krull
    Of Primary Importance