Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching Up!

I'm on spring break and it feels A-mazing!!!! I'm going to try to catch up and share with you all about St. Patrick's Day, Field Day, and our Zoo trip this week!

First though, I am so excited! TPT's feedback points system went live this morning! Here's how it works (from their website)

Earn TpT Credits for purchases on TpT. You get one TpT Credit for every $ you spend on TpT. Thing is, you only get the Credits after you Provide Feedback--both a fair rating and a fair comment--on the items that you purchase. We will round up for you, too! If you provide fair feedback on a $4.75 item, you will earn 5 credits. Every 100 Credits is worth $5 that you can apply towards future TpT purchases, but there is no need to wait until you have 100 to redeem them. 50 credits is worth $2.50, for example. 

Here are a few things I picked up this morning (for free with my points!) That I can't wait to use with my kinders these last 9 weeks! 

By Made for 1st grade. It has amazing activities for teaching nouns & verbs

By Babbling Abby. Along with the other long vowel packs - perfect for teaching silent e!

  By Deanna Jump. My kids love doing math journals!

And I recently uploaded a new plants unit, perfect for spring!

Check it out!!

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