Sunday, February 12, 2012

All About The Valentine Boxes

Holy Cow! Yesterdays post had over 140 views in one day! That is huge for me! I've received a lot of questions and comments about these little boxes so I thought I'd break it down.
Q: Where did you get the boxes?
A: They are from the dollar tree!! Cheap, cheap, cheap!

Q: Where did you get the tiles you put inside?
A: I made them! A lot of bloggers used letter tiles inside, but I didn't have any the right size.

Q: What is the font on your worksheet?
A: I'm so sorry I didn't give credit where credit is due. That fabulous worksheet is a freebie from Cara Carroll. I had made a worksheet where the students would write and draw the words and then saw hers and thought it was cuter. Plus, I already had my kids drawing and writing cvc words in another center. Cara used tiles to make sight words with hers.

I've seen tons of other cute ideas for these boxes.....
Fill them with candy hearts and have the kids count them
Fill them with letter tiles to make sight words
Fill them with coins and have the kids count the money
Fill them with letters and have the kids put the letters in abc order

If you would like my picture/letter tiles and recording sheet......

Just shoot me an email at
They are pretty simple... no bells and whistles, but I am happy to share!

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