Friday, March 30, 2012

LakeShore Alphabet Freebies

I've noticed that putting freebies in the title gets me lots more views, HAHA! There ARE freebies in this post though, and I hope some of you can use them!!

My classroom has been so, so blessed by DonorsChoose lately. Just look at all this stuff that has come in for reading and math!!!

In the words of my (teaching) next door neighbor "It's like Christmas in your classroom! Every time I look over there are more boxes!"

I wanted to use some of the alphabet tools in my centers so I made up some recording sheets the students can use with them.

First up, Search and Find Alphabet Bags. Students can pick a bag, write the letter, then draw and sound out four things they found in the bag that begin with that letter. These are really better for the beginning of the year, but the kids were so excited to explore them.
Click On the Picture to get the recording sheet:

Next, Fill in the Blank Stamps. I received both sets which cover beginning, middle, and ending sounds as well as blends, digraphs and vowel sounds. The students will stamp, then fill in the missing letters. I left this one mostly open space so there is plenty of room for the kids to stamp to their hearts content.

Click on the picture for the Recording Sheets:

Last, The Alphabet Mystery Box. Students pull objects out of the box one at a time and match them up to their beginning sound on the game board. After they have matched them all up they can pick four to draw and write the beginning sound. Again, better for the beginning of the year.

Click on the picture to get the recording sheet:

I also received Alphabet Sound Tubs, alphabet stamps & Stamp pads & a whole slew of Math games and manipulatives so be on the lookout for future posts about those!

If you have any of these great resources and grab the recording sheets, let me know!


  1. *Jealous* You got lots of fun stuff!!

    Kindergarten Kel

  2. I love Donors Choose, too, and recently was funded for a lot of the same items you got. Enjoy your goodies!