Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Field Day Fun

The Friday before Spring Break was our field day!! (We don't do it at the end of the year here, because a June field day in Florida would be asking for heat stroke.)

We started the day with a show from PageTurner Adventures! We learned all about telling and writing good stories. The kids LOVED the show!!!
 They loved the giant who sang "You can't have my spoon, my giant golden spoon, this is where I have to take a stand" to the tune of Achey, Breaky, Heart.

Then in the afternoon it was time for our field day adventures!! It was the perfect day.... look at that blue sky!!!
 We had so much fun, playing tug of war....
 racing through the obstacle course...
 Eating Rita's italian ice...
 and conquering the rock wall....

But the best part was the end. You know... the part where the kids go home and spring break begins!!

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  1. WOW!! Your school goes all out for field day...great idea to do it now, though!!