Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Number Sense

Our School uses GO Math Florida, which is taken from Singapore Math. The first thing we do is numbers 0-5 : writing, recognizing, and counting. Some of the kids come in knowing their numbers no problem, and some it's like starting from scratch. That means practice, practice, practice for everyone. Here's what we've been doing in addition to our math book pages:

Number maps from Fran Kramer, and number sense worksheets for morning work. We've done these for numbers 1 -5.

We also made Fran's Book 1-2-3 count with me. I gave each table a dot-a-dot marker that matched their table color and as we read each page they took turns passing the marker around the table and making the right number of circles on their frames.

We've Been singing the number songs from 0 -5 from the HeidiSongs CD Jumpin Numbers and Shakin Shapes. The Kids LOVE these!
Our math centers have focused on numbers 0 -5 as well.
Pipe Cleaners and Pony Beads - putting the right number of beads on to match the number at the top. I got this idea off Pinterest.
Number cards and laundry clips: clipping on the right number to match the number on the card. This great idea, along with free number cards is from The First Grade Parade.
Starfall has a great number section for our computer center:
Rolling the dice, counting the dots, recording the number:
Counting bears, sorting bears by color and then counting again.
What do you do to help your kids learn their numbers?

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  1. I would love to use the worksheets above, with the number, ladybug and dots. Is there a place to purchase them?