Saturday, September 24, 2011

My first blog award!

I was floored today when I opened my email and saw that Heather at Kindergarten Days listed me as one of her top ten blogs!! Heather is a kindergarten teacher here in Florida too. I have loved discovering so many kindergarten blogs since this summer and I know my teaching is better this year because of it. There so many fantastic ideas and it was hard to narrow down my top ten, but here they are:

Megan and Kim at KinderGals

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten
Mrs. Wills

Mrs. Coe

Mrs Jump's class
Mrs. Jump

Katie at Little Warriors

Miss Kindergarten
Miss Kindergarten

Kindergarten Crayons
Fran at Kindergarten Crayons

Pam at Can Do Kinders

Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Larremore

But there are so many more!!! It was so hard to choose!

1) Pass on the award to the Top 10 blogs that have inspired your teaching.
2) Contact them, and let them know of their award.
3) Copy & paste the award onto your own blog, giving a shout out to the person who nominated you.


  1. Rachelle,
    Thank you so much... I was so busy I haven't had time to check my email until today! It is teachers like you to inspire me to blog. Thank you again for your kindness!

  2. So neat Shell! Just saw this! Congrats! :)