Saturday, September 24, 2011

Apples! Part 1

This week, in preparation for Johnny Appleseed's Birthday we've been learning all about apples. We started out by reading about the life cycle of an apple and made our own cycle charts.

Then we talked about Johnny and read some books about his life. We made a character map all together and then the kids picked a few favorite characteristics and made their own.

We used apples to reinforce some of our other skills as well, like color words, and sorting.

We talked about the parts of an apple, and made our own diagram. This was a great listen-and-follow-the-directions activity. There were no outlines on their papers... they had to watch me to see how to cut each piece.

We learned apple songs and poems.

We made sun catcher apples to spruce up our windows. To make these I gave the kids a paper with an apple outline and a piece of parchment paper to put over it. They picked what color they wanted their apple to be and sat at the table that had that color tissue paper in the middle of it. They glued the tissue paper onto the parchment paper to fill the apple and when it was dry we cut them out.

We used our five senses to explore a red apple.

Here are some books we loved this week:
We listened to the author read this one on DiscoveryEducation

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed (All Aboard Reading)

Johnny Appleseed: My Story (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3)

Next week we are going to continue our apple unit, celebrate Johnny's birthday with an apple tasting, and bake an apple pie! We're also going to throw scarecrows into the mix - I just love fall!

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