Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lesson Plan Binder

Welp, I spent this weekend giving my lesson plan Binder a re-vamp. It previously held.... my lesson plans. Adequate, but not exactly helpful for when I am gone. I first got a green binder, because it makes me happier than my old white one. I printed a new cover page to slide in the front, and got some tabs to label. Here is what the Binder now contains (click on any picture to see it larger - I did need to block out full names and phone numbers) :
Class, Fine Arts,lunch, half day,  etc.

Class Information:
Class list, Transportation list, Birthday List, Allergy list, etc.
ESOL Strategies:
List of Students who receive services, District wide strategies,

Substitute Information:
Class List, Picture index, School Information, Recess and Lunch procedures, Student Info, Discipline and consequences, Where to Find things, Classroom Procedures, Emergency info, Schedule, Dismissal list, Map and Seating Chart, A place to write me a note. I also plan to put an entire day of  generic sub plans in here, in case there is ever an emergency and I can't get in to set the room up and leave plans.Many of these sheets come from the awesome substitute pack found HERE.

Volunteer Info:
Party sign up, Parent Volunteer Forms

District Calendar, Theme Calendar

Lesson Plans:
Weekly Lesson Plans

Center Rotations:
Center Groups, sample center schedules
 The whole thing sits behind my desk, open to the current weeks plans.

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