Saturday, October 6, 2012

An apple a day.....

Whew! It is sure a challenge to fit in all our normal fun stuff with all this new common core stuff! Here's some of the apple stuff we did this year, though it's only a fraction of what we did last year. You can check out last year's posts HERE and HERE

We started by learning about Johnny Appleseed. We made a character map all together, then the kids made their own (sorry no picture). 
Then we tasted a red apple and described it using our five senses. The kids also filled out their own.
This is part of my Johnny Appleseed mini unit

Then we tried yellow and green apples too. We graphed which was our favorite and analyzed our data. Tree graph idea is from Deanna Jump's apple unit. The graph is from my Johnny Appleseed Mini Unit

We also taste tested apple juice and applesauce, and graphed which we liked best. This is also from Deanna's apple unit. 
There were a few other things we did that I don't have pictures of - like sequencing apple life cycles, labeling apple parts, and learning how apples get from the orchard to our supermarkets. 

But probably the kids favorite was when we baked and ate our own apple pies! I'm going to be back tomorrow with more pie pictures and some tips on baking in the classroom, but for now I'll just share a few pictures of our apple pies! 

It was a delicious week!
Next week we're moving on to Christopher Columbus......

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