Saturday, October 1, 2011

Apples! Part 2 & Scarecrows

Monday, September 26th was Johnny Appleseeds Birthday! My kids all got to be apple planting frontiersmen with these cute hats made from foil and construction paper. I got the idea for these after seeing the ones that oriental trading sells. I didn't want to shell out the money, so I made my own!

To celebrate Johnny's Birthday we taste tested red, yellow, and green apples. Then we made this cute tree graph inspired by Mrs. Jump's Apple Unit. We recorded our data when we were done.

Also from Mrs. Jump's unit, we made this cute apple art project/poem.

We also made these cute stand up Johnny's. Don't you love the colors kids use?

This week and last week we learned this cute song about apples. Click HERE to get a free copy.

We ended the day watching Disney's American Legends, which has a section on Johnny Appleseed. Ever wonder what 40 kids crammed on one carpet looks like? This:
Here's another cute idea from my teammate Mrs. Gill - apple prints! This is best saved for a day you have a parent volunteer :) Slice an apple horizontally and make sure it is exactly even. Dip it lightly in paint then stamp on the paper to show the seed star.

Later in the week we ended our apple unit by baking an apple pie together as a class! This was a great lesson in reading a recipe, learning about fractions, following directions and baking! The kids loved helping make it, and even more they enjoyed eating it!! I made a fill in the blank recipe page for the kids to fill out as we read our recipe together. You can get it HERE.

Just a little tip - this year instead of buying all the apples ourselves, we asked each family to donate one apple. We didn't need to spend our own money for any of the activities we did! I got so many I had a whole bag extra.

This week we also tackled scarecrows. My kids were so excited to see we had a new addition to our classroom this week:

We made paper plate scarecrows for our bulletin board. I initially saw this cute idea in an Oriental Trading magazine, but again I didn't want to shell out my money for the kits so I made my own patterns to make them.
Don't you love how they all have their own hairstyle?

I made a sight word reader focusing on scarecrows that we read first together, then independently. You can get it at my TPT store HERE

We also did a directed art drawing of a scarecrow. I saw this idea on pinterest. I'm definitely not an art teacher, but I think I did a pretty good job describing shape, perspective and line. The kids art turned out great!
Pinned Image

We also made this scarecrow book as we continued to practice recognizing our color words.

The kids loved this little scarecrow song to the tune of "Green Speckled Frogs" Click HERE to get your free copy.

If I hadn't gotten so busy this week I had planned to make these scarecrow cupcakes for my kids:

Since i ran out of time I threw together this scarecrow crunch mix (from pinterest) for them instead. I found the cute bags at the Dollar Tree. Get my tags for free HERE.

Here are some books we loved this week!

The Apple Pie Tree

Apples (Harvesttime Welcome Books)
Picking Apples (Robin Hill School Ready-to-Read)

The Scarecrow's Hat
Scarecrows (Fall Fun)

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  1. Oh My Goodness! What a great post! I have to tell you that Cynthia Rylant is my ALL TIME favorite author and I love her book Scarecrow! I will have to come back a few times and stalk your ideas! Oh... Wait! I can pin them!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten