Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's, The Zoo, & Presidents Too!

Alright ya'll, I really think there ought to be a rule that Valentine's Day can only be on Fri, Sat, Sun..... A Party on a Tuesday is TOO MUCH!!!!
We made these cute heart bags out of bulletin board paper, paper doilies, and labels from Deanna's Unit.

The kids passed out their valentines a few at a time while their classmates sorted, counted, and graphed conversations hearts.

Then we sorted and graphed our cards.
Also from Deanna's Valentine Unit

I also put our mailbox activity into centers this week since they did so good with it last week. These sentence cards are from Deanna's Valentine Unit but I made the recording sheet to go with it. If you have her unit and would like the recording sheet to put the game into centers just shoot me an email at

By the time Wednesday rolled around I was DONE with Valentine's. We still had lots of work to do though! This week we studied George Washington in Social Studies.
this graphic organizer is from Deanna's America Unit.

By Friday we were ready to compare the two:
These are from Kim's Presidents Pack and Deanna's America pack, I used pieces from both.
Here are our President's Day books they wrote that I promised pictures of last week. I liked the All about book pages from Deanna's Penguin Unit so much I decided to use them for this too. To answer a question I received on a previous post about my kids writing.... we spent a LOT of time the first half of the year learning sight words and working on stretching out words. That has really helped them. I don't teach sentence structure that much, but we do talk and plan out what we are going to write before we write it (brainstorming) Click to see the pictures larger, their kindergarten spelling is precious.

We also started our Zoo Unit! The kids are loving it!
charting our prior knowledge

We've been doing a lot of sorting as we learn..... sorting by animal age (baby, young, adult), body covering, type of animals, how they move....

My kiddos surprised me (I love when they do that!) with how quickly they picked up adjectives. I told them it was a first grade skill so of course they were all about proving they could do it too. We'll have to hit nouns and verbs next!

We learned all about Monkeys and I swear some of them had a little too much fun acting like monkeys. All. Day. Long. (forgot to take pics! Next week I promise.....)

Here's a quick peak at our zoo centers we started (All from my zoo pack):

beginning/ending sounds

long a, silent e

rhyming words

middle sounds

write the room/syllables

Spin & Write Beginning Sounds

At The Zoo Pocket Chart Story (Available HERE)

real/nonsense words
number words 11-20

Ten frames 11-20

Number order 21-30

counting tallies

making tallies

Roll and Graph

Counting by 10s

Some Books we loved this week:
A Picture Book of George Washington (Picture Book Biography)
George Washington (Welcome Books: Real People)
Presidents' Day
Presidents' Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays)

Curious George Visits the Zoo
At the Zoo (Benchmark Rebus: Fun Time: Level B)
Monkeys Are a Lot Like Us (Rookie Read-About Science)
Monkeys (Science Emergent Readers)


  1. I agree Tuesday parties make for a looooooooooooong week. Glad to have a three day weekend.

    Queen with Class

  2. I just found your blog through your feature on Laura's blog-Kinder Kraziness. I had to follow it--you have great ideas and resources and you do a really good job of putting up pictures of everything you do!

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance:)
    Kindergarten Kel