Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's, President's & A winner!

This week we started our Valentine's Day fun. The kids enjoyed reading the book in Deanna's unit and making up their own sentences:
They also really liked playing "Bee the Word" I put all the cards in a sentence together in a mailbox and called groups to come up and take out the cards.
Each kid in the group got a card and they worked together to get in the right order. A few groups needed hints (the period goes at the end... the capital goes at the front) but most of them did great!

I plan to put the mailboxes into a center next week along with a little recording sheet I made where they can write the sentences in order.

I also taught them how to make a heart this week and we did an interactive writing piece to go with it. I had planned on letting them keep their hearts but they really wanted me to hang them up, so we decorated around our writing with their hearts.
We read Froggy's First Kiss about halfway and then the kids made predictions on whether or not Froggy would kiss Frogilina. They graphed their classmates predictions and then we finished the story and wrote what really happened. During math they graphed their favorite character.

We also started learning about Abraham Lincoln this week (We'll do Washington next week). We of course had to start the week talking about Presidents and what they do.

We started writing President's Day books, I will post pics of those next week when they are done.

Dd was one of our letters this week so on Friday we sorted and graphed DOTS!
Here are our Centers from this week, most are in my Love Struck Packet.
sorting middle sounds
and recording them
Dollar Tree Heart boxes filled with CVC words worksheet from Cara Carroll I've added an in depth post about these boxes HERE
sounding out CVC Words
Digraph match up (From Deanna)
Valentine Listening Center
Valentine Pocket Chart Story
non standard measurement
Teen Number Words
numbers 1-12 match (I won this from Doodle Bugs Teaching!)
Probability (from Deanna)
Dice Roll and Color
Patterning Practice
Roll and Graph
Next week we are going to continue our Valentine's Fun, Have a Valentine's Party, Learn about George Washington, and Start our Zoo Unit (in preparation for our field trip to the zoo)! Here's a sneak peak at some of my Zoo Centers ready to go:
counting by 10s
beginning and ending sounds
Spinners for beginning sounds and teen numbers

AND Today is my birthday!!! My husband and I went to lunch downtown and now we're off to see the Vow. But not before I announce my winner! The winner of my Birthday giveaway is.......
Have a great week everyone!!!!

Some Books We loved:
Day It Rained Hearts
Froggy's First Kiss
Olive, My Love
Celebrating President's Day: What Is a President? (Learn to Read Read to Learn Holiday Series)
If I Were President
A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln (Picture Book Biography)
My First Biography: Abraham Lincoln


  1. I'm so excited!!! First, happy birthday to you and enjoy the movie with your hubby! Sounds like a fun birthday! I want to see The Vow, too. :) Second, I haven't even opened the sets yet, I was so excited to get your email that I had to head over here to let you know. Ha! I am off to take a peek. Thank you!!!

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. Looks like you had a great week in Kindergarten! I love the mailbox scrambled sentences...I bet the kiddos loved it:)
    I also like how you included a picture to suppor the kids unscrambling the CVC word! I loved getting a peek in your classroom!
    Your newest foller, Megan:)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Your center things look awesome!!

  4. You have a great blog! So glad I found it. I have had those little heart boxes just sitting in my classroom for a few weeks. Now I know just what to do with them. Thanks!