Thursday, October 20, 2011


This week our letter is Pp and we've been learning all about pumpkins. Here are some of the fun things we did:

Learned the poem 5 little pumpkins and acted it out:

Made pumpkin life cycle books:

Described pumpkins and wrote about them:

Investigated a pumpkin by drawing it, counting it's lines, measuring how tall it is, seeing whether it sinks or floats, guessing what was inside then cutting him open to see:

After we got all his seeds out the kids made their own pumpkins to show how they would like me to carve our pumpkin. I cleaned him out while they did their art. When everyone was done we tallied up the shapes the kids chose to use to find our winners..... our pumpkin got square eyes and a rectangle mouth! I put a halloween strobe light inside... the kids loved this! 

We have been working on Position words in social studies so we made a pumpkin book working on those words

 We started our Pumpkin Jack Experiment!

And we ended our week by roasting and eating our pumpking seeds! 

Some great pumpkin books we enjoyed:

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