Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Happenings

The week leading up to Halloween was BUSY!

On Monday we read "Where's My Mummy?" and sequenced the story.

Then we made baby mummy and sang Mummy Bingo.

On Tuesday we practiced retelling the story then did some character analysis activities.

We sang Bones Bingo, since Bones was another character in the story.

On Wednesday we made stained - glass candy corn and sang candy bingo. During Math we practiced ordinal numbers and higher order thinking skills with the characters from "Where's My Mummy?"

On Thursday we read about Frankenstein, made Frankenstein Glyphs (and graphed our data!) and sang Frank Bingo.

The kids loved these Bingo songs!

On Friday we had our Fall Festival. We started the Day with a Brown Bear type book themed to halloween called "Black cat, Black cat, what do you see?

After fine arts the kids had fun rotating to the 6 K teachers to do fun activities.

Tissue Paper Pumpkins with Ms. Burnett -

Halloween Movie with Mrs. Curry -

Making Witches with Mrs. Purtell -

Halloween Dances with Mrs. Gill -

Monster Musical Chairs with Ms. Norman -

and Sorting/Graphing Boo- Mallows with Me!

Books we loved this week:

Where's My Mummy Unit,  Black Cat book, and Free Frankie Downloads from Deanna Jump. Halloween Boo-Mallow sorting and graphing from Frogs, Bees and Under the Seas.

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