Saturday, October 15, 2011

Centers Part 1

This week we began our literacy centers. We only did one center and I did not pull any groups. I walked around and monitored that all my students were working and knew what to do. I am losing 3 students to a new teacher soon and then we will start centers for real. Here are the things we worked on this week:

Pocket Chart Center - Students picked a spider out of the bucket and matched the picture to the web with it's beginning sound. 

Listening Center - Students listened to a book on tape then filled out a response page.

Leap Pad Center - Students worked on short vowels in the Leap Frog books.

Computer Center - Students worked at and typing sight words into Microsoft Word.

ABC Center - students matched up halloween themed Upper and Lower case letters.

Library - Students selected a book to read.

Writing Center - Students rolled the dice and wrote down if it landed on capital or lowercase Mm.

Game Shelf - Monster Sight Words, students picked a monster and colored their sheet to match. Then they practiced writing the sight words.

Name Game - Students picked a classmates name and sorted the letters that were/were not in their name.

Word Work - Monster Sounds. Students picked a monster, colored their sheet to match and gave a happy face for a beginning Mm sound and a sad face for any other beginning sound.

These are the basic centers we will do each week in addition to me pulling reading groups. The activities will change from week to week and the students will rotate between 3 centers and my table. More on how I organize that later....
Next week we will begin rotations and I will be putting more halloween themed stuff into the centers.
The monster games are from Julie Lee's Monster Unit.

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