Saturday, October 8, 2011


This week our reading series reviews the two letters we've done so far: M & A. Since we've spent A LOT of time on A with all our apple stuff I decided to do a monster mini unit this week.

We are working on blending our first two letters and their sounds into a new word - am. This is our first try at blending so we needed lots of practice! Mrs. Lee's Monster unit had the perfect chart activity. We read the sentences first and the kids came up and matched the correct monsters. Then they did their own sentences and colored the monsters to match.
The next day I continued this lesson with a journal prompt and a color book:

I found this cute song somewhere on the web and turned it into a pocket chart activity. You can get these free downloads HERE, HERE, and HERE. The kids loved singing this and matching up the pictures to the sentences.

We made monster glyphs, from Mrs. Jump:

We sorted and graphed monster munch from Mrs. Lee's monster unit:

We practiced ordinal numbers 1st - 5th (GO MATH):

We read lots of different monster books and made a chart to describe monsters. Not all are scary!!

We practiced some ongoing skills like abc order and beginning sounds:

Mrs. Lee's unit is also full of center ideas. This week we did all the activities together so I could make sure they all knew what to do. Next week I am going to assign all the kids to a center (with these same activities)  and not pull a group so I could circulate and make sure everyone is working. If it goes well I will start pulling reading groups the following week. We counted the monsters behind closet doors:
We sorted sounds with letter Mm:

We practiced our counting and matching up numbers... the kids followed along on the carpet of course:

Sight Word Practice:
Measuring monsters and then ordering them from tallest to shortest:

In math we've been working on equal, more and less so I made this monster math worksheet for my kids to practice. They picked a number and wrote it in the top box. Then in they glued monsters into the three boxes to show equal, more, and less monsters! Get this download HERE and HERE. We also practiced visual discrimination, and number order.

On Friday we watched Monsters Inc!

Some books we loved this week:

Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))
we also watched this one on video!

Yuck! That's Not a Monster!

The Scariest Monster in the World

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