Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Too Much Glue!

*Oh my word ya’ll. Flashlight Press sent me the CUTEST book ever to review for them. TOO MUCH GLUE! By Jason Lefebvre is the story of a little boy who likes glue a little too much. I know you can relate because we’ve all had that kid in our class one year or another. He gets himself into a sticky mess and needs some help from his classmates!

And can we talk about the illustrator Zac Retz for a minute? The back flap says this is his first picture book. I certainly hope it isn’t his last. Look at these beautiful, whimsical illustrations! You know how hard it is to hold a brand new kinders attention for even a hot minute, but I know they are going to love looking at the pictures in this book!

This book would be the perfect starter to a lesson on glue and the proper (and improper) ways to use it! It will be on sale in September and you can pre-order it here.

I know there’s a lot of controversy out there in teacherland about which glue is best bottles vs. glue. I’m firmly in the “use whichever works best for you and doesn’t give you a headache” camp, which also lands me in the bottle camp.

I have glue bottles on my supply list every year and the first thing I do when the kids bring them in is remove those orange twist tops that let out way too much glue! They. Are. The. Enemy. Best thing I ever did was invest in these little red tap & glue tops: 

No more twisting! The kids simply press down and the perfect dot of glue comes out! Not too much! Not too little! Are they a little pricey? Yes. Are they worth every penny in prevented headaches? Yes. I also use my supply money each year to invest in a gallon or two of glue and a glue pump to refill the bottles throughout the year. 

What about you? Which camp are you in? 

Let's Recap:
Pre-order Too Much Glue HERE
Get tap & glue tops HERE
Get a glue pump HERE
Get a gallon of glue HERE


  1. I love it. I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of that book! I wish it were out now. School starts next Wednesday for me and this would be a perfect lesson to start the school year. I guess it will have to wait.
    And those glue tops are genius! I need those too.

  2. I need the book and the glue tops. Now! I actually tried to order the book but it's not out yet! Thank you very much for sharing some great things!