Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowmen Week 2

Wowee has it been one of those weeks. Why is it that four day weeks always feel the longest? I know some of you can relate to where I am coming from.... children who can't seem to follow a single rule, lessons that seem to go awry despite your best intentions, stress over your personal life that you can't seem to leave at the door, medication that makes you emotional and moody, progress reports that were supposed to be done a week ago and still haven't gone home, assessments that take an hour a kid, and the list goes on! Despite the stress and my never ending to do list here are some high points from this week:

We finished up Martin Luther King (see the rest HERE) with a few lessons from Kim Adsit including addition (ways to make four) and fair share.
And we finished up our snowman unit as well:

We Read Snowmen at Night and wrote about what our snowmen would do at night -
Then we read Snowmen All Year and wrote about what we would do with our Snowmen during spring, summer or fall.
Then we compared the two stories venn diagram style -

On Friday we read The Snowglobe Family and wrote about what it would be like if we lived in a snowglobe -
We also sorted "OW" words. We did this all together as it's a little advanced for most of my students. They could hear the sounds if I read them the words, but most of them can't read these words on their own.
Some math journals -
Our snowmen math centers for the last two weeks (see literacy centers HERE) -

addition - ways to make 9

spin a snowman


ten frames

snowmen sticks - adding on to a predetermined number 
We also started using our Lakeshore Learning Instant Centers from donorschoose this week and I was so, so thankful for fun new games that kept the kids engaged while I worked on Reading Running Records all. week. long.
Here are the books we used this week:

This weeks activities came from Deanna Jump's Snowmen unit, Jump and Lee's Winter Centers packet, Kim Adsit's MLK unit, and First Grade Blue Skies (snowglobe senses writing paper)

And THAT my friends, concludes my long, long weekend to-do list that also contained these gems: laminate and cut penguin centers, finish my Beach Unit, Complete Journal and Discussion post for ESOL class, Grade science and math tests, write progress reports, and now I am going to eat a delicious Publix sub and watch MadMen with my husband!

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