Sunday, January 1, 2012

My first games!

I've added a few new games to my sparse TPT store, I'd love if you would check them out!
I am new to creating games so I appreciate any constructive feedback. I was also a little unsure how to price things, so feedback on that would be nice as well.
I tried to base these off the skills my class will be working on in the coming months. And yes I realize I have a problem with alliteration when it comes to naming games!! Click on any picture to go to that game in my TPT Store.

The first is Penguin Pals which is a rhyming game. It comes with 18 cards and a recording sheet. 

The next is Walrus Waltz a CVC matching game. It comes with 20 cards and a recording sheet. 

Snowy Subtraction is a math game with 12 equation cards, snowflake manipulatives, and a recording sheet. 

Jungle Baby is a patterning game. It comes with 15 pattern strips, 150 manipulatives to copy or extend patterns and a recording sheet. 

Valentine Vowels is a medial sounds sorting game. It comes with 5 sorting mats (a,e,i,o,u) and 30 playing cards. 

 Hidden Hearts is a sight word game in which students try to get back the stolen hearts from pesky monkeys! It includes 54 monkey cards (and I'm happy to make more if you need a specific word that is not included) and four heart cards to hide behind the monkeys.

And St. Patty's Patterns is another pattern pack. It includes 3 sorting mats, 30 patterning cards and a pattern labeling practice page. 

Let me know what you think! 

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