Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Celebrating New Years!

I know it's the tenth day of January already... but it was our first day back! It was a little rough, remembering all those rules they didn't have to follow for two weeks! But we made it through. Now if I could just get rid of this lovely cold my husband gave me I'd be good to go! Here are two cute activities we did today:
1. During Reading we Read Squirrels New Years Resolutions (bless my husband for running out to the library to get it for me late last night when I realized I needed it the next day!) and made our own resolutions along with these cute party kids. This book is absolutely perfect for explaining resolutions to Kindergartners, and their own resolutions they came up with were sweet. (party kids ides from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten, and I just threw together the resolution writing sheet in Microsoft word)

2. During Math we graphed how late we stayed up on New Years Eve. Their choices were: bedtime (8pm), a little late (10pm), Midnight, and super late (2am). Most of my kids said they stayed up at least a little bit later, and some watched the ball drop. One of my sweeties insisted she stayed up to Midnight but didn't see the ball drop because "she didn't know what channel" (I saw this cute graph idea from Jessica over at Welcome to Room 36, and the labels are from Primary Perspective)

Here's to the second half of Kindergarten!

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