Thursday, June 6, 2013

Minute To Win It!

We had the BEST end of the year party this year! One of my Co-workers saw a pin on pinterest about doing minute to win it in the classroom, and it went so great I know I'm going to do it every year! The original pin contained games from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits, but I also found some around the internet.

I broke my class into three teams and gave them a bracelet (thick hair tie) in their team color. Then we played each game five times. That gave everyone on the team a turn. It may seem like a lot, but remember each game is only 1 minute long! Anyone who completed the challenge within the minute got a point for their team. This was a great chance to practice tallying!

Here are the games we played and a description of each! (And before you ask, yes it was pajama day!)

Tweeze Me: Students had one minute to move all their tic tacs from one plate to the other using only tweezers. 

Face Cookie: Students had one minute to move their cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles. 

Suck a Bean: Students had one minute to move all their beans from one plate to another using only their mouths and straw

There she blows: Students had one minute to blow their cup from one side to the other, making it fall off the table. (You can see their team color bands in this picture)

Tower Heist: Students had one minute to build the tallest tower of dixie cups they could. Whoever had the highest tower at the end of the minute got the point.

Peter Cotton Nose: Students received a dab of vaseline on their noses and had one minute to transfer all the cotton balls from one plate to the other using only their noses. 

Dice Balance: Students stuck a popsicle stick in their mouths and had one minute to stack four dice without them falling. 

A certain teacher had to demonstrate because they didn't understand that the dice had to be stacked up, not across...

Cheerio Stack: Students had one minute to stack six cheerios (harder than it looks!)

Noodlin' Around: Students had one minute to get two pieces of past onto a stick of spaghetti using only their mouths. 

Ping Pong Toss: This looks like a certain college game, but is child friendly ;) Students had one minute to bounce their ping pong ball across the table into the bowl.

Floatin' Around: Students had to keep their feather up in the air for one minute using only their breath. (This was hard to get a picture of!!)

Tissue Paper Fish: Students received a paper plate and a fish made out of a single sheet of tissue paper. They had one minute to fan the fish from one side of the carpet to the other. 

These games were such a hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ahh! How fun! I will have to keep this in mind for next year :)


  2. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! I bet the kids had their best day ever doing that. Thank you for sharing!
    I'd love you to stop over and visit my blog! I am hosting my first Linky Party- sharing your favorite funny school story! :) I need some laughs to get me through til June 21! :)
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  3. This game looks like a really fun game for preschoolers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great job! Creative. Simple enough to do. May use some of these for the family get together for my dad's Christmas party on New Year's Eve. Nice use of Bible to involve kids in fun stuff. Here is the best Kids minute win party games to play and enjoy!