Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday 6/14/13


I'm on time!!! Can you believe it? I'm posting a Five for Friday, ON FRIDAY! It's a summer miracle! Here's my five, and don't forget to link up with DoodleBugsTeaching!

1. On Monday, my husband and I got a new patio couch, and a new grill. The porch has quickly become our new favorite place to relax and every meal this week has been from the grill. Steaks, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken, even a banana smore's desert!

2. Summer VPK (Florida Pre-K) started this week! Our goal is to be Kindergarten Ready by August! That means lots of phonics and math practice! I began teaching them color words and simple sight words using one of my pocket chart stories and little books from my August Packs. Wednesday we learned the sight words, color words, and read through the sentences practicing one-to-one correspondence.

Thursday we reviewed the sight words, read through the sentences again, and then we took out the pictures and the children volunteered to help us put the pictures back in the right order by their matching sentence as we read each one. Then they completed this simple recording sheet that contained all the same sentences. They read the sentence, traced the color word, and colored the picture to match.

Today, we practiced reading the chart again, then each child got their own little book copy. The little books correlate so they have all the same sentences. We practiced finding the front and back cover, reading the title, then practiced reading our sentences and pointing under each word as we read. Last, the kids colored.  They were so excited to realize that they are READERS. They all took their books home today to read them to their families.

3. Going along with colors, we also talked about what happens when you MIX colors and we did this fun science experiment!

4. Thursday the kids wrote their own I am sentences using their names, and then today they wrote I am sentences using color words. This was a great opportunity to talk about capitals at the beginning, learning to use a two finger space in between words, and a period at the end of a sentence. They did great!

5. And now it's the weekend! Happy weekend from my favorite spot!

The Pocket Chart Stories and Little Books for August and September can be found here:

Or as a year-long bundle here:

Or as an August/September Bundle Here:

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  1. Glad you had a successful first week of VPK. I love your idea of doing the books and pocket charts - I own the books, I'm heading over to TPT to purchase the pocket chart yearly bundle now :)
    Quick question, in a post from Sept 12, you showed D5 centers. Had some SUPER cute polka dot labels (magnetic letters, whiteboard, stamps, etc). I didn't see in your TPT store. Are you willing to post them there? Let me know - thanks Connie (