Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thursday!!

Hi Friends!
I'm blogging from the pool deck at the beautiful Rosen Conference Center. I attended some wonderful sessions at the SDE Florida Kindergarten Conference today! I can't wait to post all about them when I return!

While I've got some downtime I wanted to share with you two office products that shoplet sent me to review. The first is the C-Line Bound Sheet Protector Presentation Book. Now I know what you are thinking.... Kindergartners don't do presentations/reports! But I've found another use for this fabulous little book! I took all the pages from my alphabet wake up work and slid them in.

Now my kids can use them in a center with a dry erase marker! It cuts down on paper, and because they are bound together in a book, they all stay nice and organized! The book itself is very well put together, and at $3.20, it won't break the bank! It has 12 pages inside, so it will cover MOST of the alphabet, but you'll have to leave out two letters ;)

The second product they sent me was the C-Line Expanding File with Handles. This little briefcase like file is really light, and nicely put together with leather and fabric. It feels very sturdy.

Inside, there are expanding files:
Making it perfect for transporting files to and from school without things spilling all over the place and getting disorganized. In the picture above you can see my Reading A to Z files in there, ready to go home and get folded. I'm all about products that help me better organize my life. It's $12.44, so not expensive either.

Tomorrow, I've got another full day of session, and I can't wait!!!

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