Sunday, December 2, 2012

"How To" Books

I wanted to share with you all how Writer's Workshop is going in my room. In a word... fantastic! Our district uses the Lucy Caulkin's Writer's Workshop, and I've been supplementing quite a bit with the fabulous Writing units by DeeDee and Deanna. What I really love about their units is that the easy, to the point lessons really level the playing field for all kids. Everyone can be successful. I'm going to illustrate my point with writing samples from two of my kids. One who started the year fairly high, and one who didn't. Now this is by no means a comprehensive sampling of my class. I do still have some who are drawing pictures and struggling to put down even a beginning sound. However, the concepts are in place and once their letter/sound correspondence is in place I know they will take off too. We are doing Informational Writing right now, so these are How-To Books. (I believe you can click them to see them larger)


  1. Love! Love! Love! I added a link to your post. Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Did I mention that I love it?

  2. We are moving to Calkins, too. I so love the units of study model. Thanks for sharing!
    Your newest follower - Lisa
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  3. I love the "How to stand in line" prompt. What a great way to practice sequencing. Can you tell me where you get your pretty swirly frames? I love how they look over a pretty printed background!
    Primary Pointe

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