Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Day Freebie

It’s almost here folks! The end of the political ad nonsense! I am so DONE with them! Give me back my cleaning supply, ice cream, and soda commercials! 

This week we started learning about the voting process. Civic participation is one of our Social Studies Next Generation Standards, and with the election on Tuesday I wanted my kinder-pups to feel involved. 

We started by reading "Amelia Bedilia's First Vote" and as we read talked about how voting works, ballots, voting booths, etc. Then I showed them my voter registration card and we made Voter Registration Cards (from Cara Carroll) for each student. 

sorry, had to pixelate for safety!

On Friday, they got to vote for the first time. We voted on a snack to eat that afternoon - chips vs. popcorn. Each child got a turn. They had to show me their card as proof they registered and I checked them off to ensure each child voted only once. 

Then they took their ballot into our booth, circled their choice, and dropped it in the box. 

Once everyone had voted we tallied up our votes and graphed. Then we analyzed which had more and which had fewer (Common Core - Counting and Cardinality). 

Popcorn won, so that's what we had for our snack! 

Next week we'll be talking about campaigning, choosing a candidate, and voting again! This time.... Cookie Monster vs. Elmo for President!! 
These activities are available in my Election Day Snacktivity Freebie on TPT. 


  1. I am your newest follower! I found your election freebie on TPT and LOVED it! Thank you!