Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veterans Day

This week ( only 4 days!) We learned all about Veterans.

We read several books about veterans and then made this soldier map describing them:

We learned more about the 5 branches of the armed forces using this powerpoint from a teammate:

We read this book (by Deanna Jump) and then sang the song to go with it (I have no idea how blogger reversed the video!!!) :

In our math journals we did several veterans themed prompts:

We colored a Veteran's Day Book: 

We wrote about what soldiers are (brave, heroes, etc.) and what they can do (protect, fight, etc.)
And made these adorable soldiers to go with:

Our centers this week revolved around Veterans Day and American themes as well.

Math Centers-
Ordinal Numbers (on poppy flowers):

Counting Stars (on flags):

Patterning (on Eagles):

Counting and matching sets to number words:
Number words:

Literacy Centers -
Beginning sounds (on flags):

Identifying rhyming words (on helicopters):

Soldier Slap (listening for syllables):

Pocket Chart:

Roll and Record:
Sight Words:

These activities are from Deanna Jumps Veterans Day Math and Literacy Activities and Melissa Freshwaters Veterans Day Math and Literacy Fun.

Books we read:
Veterans Day (Rookie Read-About Holidays)
Veterans Day (Acorn: Holidays and Festivals)
The Wall (Reading Rainbow Books)
I Want to Be a Soldier


  1. Oh my goodness girl you had a busy 4 days. We are wrapping up Veterans Day tomorrow too. We did a lot of the same Deanna Jump activities that you did, too. Love the center activities.

  2. How cute!! Your students are lucky to have you!