Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rockin and Rollin on the 50th Day!

Today was the 50th Day of school!

This morning we sorted pictures of the 50s from pictures of today and drew ourselves on the 50th Day: 

We had a bubble gum blowing contest:

Played "Sock Hop" The kids picked a card from the bottle. If it was a sight word, they read the word. If it was a jukebox we all got up and danced! They LOVED this!

Counted how many pennies it took to play the jukebox: 

Matched Records (letters) to jukeboxes (sounds) 

We guessed which brown cow (coke float) the cherry was behind, this required the kids to use their number knowledge to call out their guesses. As the kids guessed I flipped over cards to help them narrow down their future guesses.

We spun the record and recorded the beginning sound.

We made brown cows (coke floats) and guessed whether the ice cream would sink or float. (It floats!)

We rotated in the afternoon with Ms. Burnett and Mrs. Curry's classes.

Sock Hop with Ms. Burnett -

Hula Hoop Contest with Mrs. Curry -

Bowling with me! -

At the end of the day we graphed our favorite part of the day! (forgot a pic)

And some tired teachers got in on the action....
Here are some of the dances the kids learned today:
( Mashed Potato)

(The Twist)

(Hand Jive)

What a fun day!!!

I forget where I found the sorting pics... any ideas?
The themed games are from Melissa Freshwaters 50th day pack
The coke sink/float page is from Katleen Pedersen
The graph and Me on the 50th day drawing page were from Deanna. Jump's pack


  1. Our day is tomorrow. Basically doing the same things you did today. So glad to see you had a fun day. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I have not seen a teacher do something like this for the 50th day of school, only something for the 100th day. Can't wait to use this in my future classroom!