Tuesday, February 2, 2016

100 Days Smarter

100 Down! 80 more to go....

We kept our 100th Day celebrations fairly simple as my Kindergartners need high structure, and a change in routine can throw off our day. We did however, inject some 100th day fun into our normal schedule whenever possible. 

During reading we read "The Night Before the 100th Day" and my students shared their projects with the class. They had some amazing collections! These are just a few. 

We learned a poem about the 100th Day and added it to our reading notebooks. This is from Kindergarten Smiles' Poetry Pack. 

During writing we read "Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge" and my students wrote about what they might be like when they are 100. 

During math we played race to 100. This game is super simple. The kids took turns rolling the dice, counting how many dots they rolled, then we colored in that many spaces on our 100s chart, counting all the way up to 100. 

Finally, we made our 100th day Trail Mix. 

Our mix consisted of Cheerios, Chex, Froot Loops, Marshmallows, Raisinettes, M&Ms, Goldfish, Skittles, Gummy Bears, and Pretzels. 

I set up 10 stations around the room with paper plates. Each plate had a different snack on it. 

The kids each had a placemat at their table and in a 'controlled chaos' method, filled their placemats with ten pieces of snack from each plate. 

I set some ground rules first - no running, no crowding around plates or pushing to get near one, and you must return your ten items to your placemat before going to another plate.  They did AWESOME with this, even my room mom was impressed. They were super quiet - focused on counting out ten of each item and returning it to their placemats. 

Once they had their placemat filled, my room mom and I double checked that they had ten of each (and that they got all ten snacks, no doubles) then I wrote their name on a baggie, had them fill the baggie with their snacks, and then stapled the label on. Super simple! 


  1. Being a teacher, I love looking through blogs. I wanted to share a new children's book I read to my class. It's called "Cooking With Mr. C." by John Contratti. It's a sweet story with a beautiful message. I'm telling all my teacher friends about it. I got it through Mascot Books and my friends ordered it through Amazon. (She does everything through Amazon.) :) Elaine

  2. Oh wow, all these cute projects are heart throbbing. I love the creativities of these kids. I am so inspired from you to celebrate our 100th kindergarten day of new batch. Actually I am a teacher at Phoenix kindergarten. I just love getting activity ideas online and implementing in the class.

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