Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five for Friday {late again!}

Well, better late than never! That's what happened last week. It was Monday before I sat down to write my five for Friday post so I threw in the towel! Here are 5 random things from my week. Don't forget to link up with DoodleBugs!

1. We are starting to wrap up the school year. I saw this cute idea oh Hope King's site, who saw it on Pinterest. So if it's your original idea, let me know! I hung ten balloons from the ceiling, each filled with a reward treat. Each day we pop the balloon in the morning so the kids know what they are working towards. Everyone with good behavior participates in the reward that afternoon before pack up! Day 10 was Bubbles! We read the book Pop! first so my kinder-pups would have an idea of how bubble work. Then we went to town!

2. Day 9 (Friday) Was bubble gum! We used Double Bubble, and then graphed who could and couldn't blow a bubble!

3.We've been learning the Sid Shuffle! We'll be performing it at our End of the Year Ceremony, and they've finally got it down by themselves! Check out my kinder-pups grooving:

4. We wrapped up our insect unit with this cute activity on how bugs see, from Deanna Jump! The kids loved helping me make the poster.

5. I am ALMOST done making editable calendars! Whoo hoo! This is going to be a huge time saver next year when I don't have to hand write everything! Check on TPT for them soon, both in color and black and white!

6. * BONUS! I felt funny posting this on TPT, even for free, since I have no idea where the original idea is from. I did however put together a small pack of balloon labels, reward notes, and blank notes if you want to use them. Please click to get them from my google docs:

8 school days and counting for me!!

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  1. Your stuff looks great. I have the countdown going, too. 2 more days with my kiddos and 1 work day. I have a GREAT group of kiddos so kind of hate to see it end!!