Sunday, September 23, 2012

Assembling Little Books

I get lots of questions/comments on my little reader sets and how I fold them, or can I change them so they can be folded without cutting? I'm here with good news.... they can be folded, as is, with NO CUTTING involved! Follow these simple directions to fold them, and they will be much sturdier than if you cut them. I like my books to be sturdy enough to stay in my kids book boxes and be read over and over and over during read to self! 

1. Copy all the pages, and sort into piles by page (or have your copier do that for you!)

2. Take each page (you can do several at a time) and fold it so the wrong sides are together. 
3. You'll end up with one page on each side. 

4. If you folded several at once, separate them and stack them in a pile. Continue folding all the pages this way until you have a stack of each page. 
5. Take one of each page and stack them together. 
From the top it will look like this:
6. Then staple the pages together on the open end. 
7. Continue until all your books are done, and you've got sturdy little readers that will last all year! 

*The book in the pictures is just one of the eight stories in my Little Readers for August and September packs. If you are interested in my little readers you can find them there:

My Little Readers Set for December & January should be done in the next few weeks!

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