Saturday, April 21, 2012

Going Buggy Part 2

First of all, thank you to all of you who left sweet comments on my last post. I love when God provides us with exactly what we need.
Second of all, I love, love, love Saturday morning snuggles. How precious is my pooch?

Washes away the stress of a long week!

We continued insects this week learning about the butterfly life cycle, bees & ants.

We filled in our butterfly charts as we went throughout the week, and we've been keeping a close eye on our caterpillars which have spun their cocoons!

As I mentioned last week I bought Kacey's Very Hungry Caterpillar unit and as I suspected my kids loved it! I'll just post a few pics because I'm sure she'll be doing a post about it :)

On Friday we made butterflies with coffee filters. The kids drew on their designs and then we misted them with water. They NEVER get to use markers so they were super excited! Once they were dry we folded them up and used pipe cleaners for the bodies/antennae.

We also made our very Hungry Caterpillar handprints.

Here is our Bee anchor chart:

Bee labeling:
From Deanna's Unit

And our cute bees we made to hang in the hall:

Our Ant anchor chart:
Comparing the two:
From Deanna's Unit
Our Fiction study coming along....
From Deanna
Insect Book Progress:
"Caterpillars trun in too a coccons then they truns into a butterfly."
"When you git clos to a bee he will sting you it will lose his stinger and he will die."

Here are some more of the centers from my Going Buggy! pack:
sounding out words

using sight words in sentences

making real and nonsense words

ending sounds

ending blends

word families

difference between two groups

ordering numbers least to greatest

We ended the week with a special showing of "A Bug's Life" I just love me some Pixar, they are the cutest! It was adorable to hear the kids recognizing and commenting on the different bugs they have learned about.

Next week we'll be continuing insects, we still have dragonflies, grasshoppers, walkingsticks, mosquitos, and praying mantises to hit! We'll also be headed to the movies to see DisneyNature's "Chimpanzee." The kids (and teachers) are so excited for this field trip!

Our Reading series story next week is "If the Dinosaurs Came Back" So we'll be doing dinosaur centers during center time! This is one of my favorite packs I've made. Click the picture to check it out!

We're also in the middle of our last Social Studies chapter which is all about America and her symbols. Can you guess what next week's focus is?? (Thank you Deanna Jump for this crazy adorable idea!)

Books We Read:

Product Details
The Amazing Honey Bee (Reading Discovery) Reading Level 2 (Nature Series)


  1. awww thanks Rachelle for posting pictures of my VHC unit! I am waiting on my caterpillars to arrive then we are jumping in to insects and will be reading and doing these activities!

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  2. Great post! I'm a Florida teacher too :)
    New follower!!

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  3. I love your life cycle charts! I am teaching this next week, and I can do this with my kinders!


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  4. Where can I find Deanna's Unit? I would like to have a copy of the Venn Digram to compare ants and bees... Thanks!