Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going Buggy!! Part 1

What. A. Week. Anyone else's kids getting crazier and crazier the closer we get to summer??
8 weeks to go!

This week our reading series book was "Beetles" so we started our insect unit with the beetle family which of course includes ladybugs and fireflies.

I love, love, Deanna's Insect unit which has these adorable insect fact books my kids have been writing in.
this one is kind of hard to read, it says " girls fireflies la(y) en egg.
 I just love her drawing of all the fireflies in the dark! 
We've also been reading fiction bug stories this week and have started a chart comparing story elements: 

On Friday we made the fireflies from her unit and they turned out super adorable!!

Here are just a few of the math games we did this week (from my going buggy pack) working on more/less and counting/tallying:

We still had plant centers that needed to be finished so we'll start insect centers during literacy time next week.

I had not planned to start the butterfly life cycle until next week, but I had to give my kids a crash course when our caterpillars arrived!!

To say they have been a major distraction would be putting it lightly, but I love that the kids are so into science!! We've been keeping a daily journal of our caterpillars activity...

Next week, We'll be learning all about the life cycle of our little guys in depth. I have my anchor charts (ala Mrs. Jump) all hung up and ready for us to add facts to.

And I'm so excited because I'm planning on using The Very Hungry Caterpillar as our main text and I got DoodleBugs Book unit and I know my kids are going to love it! It has so many great activities in it!!
Very Hungry Caterpillar Mini Unit Based on the Book by Eric Carle
We're going to make these cute pinterest handprints next week too.... if I can figure out how to do the head??
handprint very hungry caterpillar
And last but not least, check out this guy one of my boys brought in..... I"m sure he didn't plan on me confiscating his toy till the end of the unit, but I just love how he is anatomically correct with his six legs, three body parts and antennae!!

Some of the books we read this week: 
Beetles (Welcome Books: Animals of the World)
our reading series book
Beetles (Pebble Plus)
Ladybugs (Bugs Bugs Bugs)
Product Details
Product Details

Product Details

Product Details
This book (even checked out from the library) comes with an audio cd that the kids love!

Next week we'll be doing lots more of my Going Buggy centers, and learning all about the butterfly life cycle, so check back soon. If you need a butterfly journal it's free HERE

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  1. awww! thanks for the shout-out. We are finishing frogs next week. Then the week after that we will be ready for insects & the very hungry caterpillar. I have to mail my certificate for my caterpillars monday. I hope they get here about the time we start. Otherwise, I will need to teach a crash course too!