Friday, December 9, 2011

GingerBread Week 2

The gingerfun continues! I mentioned in last week's post that we've been making journals with entries about the stories we've read.... here are a few of those:

And our chart where we compare character, refrains, and endings:

We made gingerbread glyphs:

Pattern Books:

Practiced building, writing & drawing CVC words:

Letter Sorts:

Real & Nonsense word spin:

Practiced our teen numbers:

Practiced following directions:

and made these cute gingerbread houses:

Two days before break my family is coming to school and each kid is going to make their own gingerbread house with milk cartons, graham crackers, icing and candy!

Math Centers:

Addition Spin & Write

Count & Write with colors

Candy Cane Patterns

Cookie Number Words

Spin, Read & Color (numbers & color words)

Spin & Graph Candy

Books we loved this week:

Bad Boys Get Cookie!
The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales
The Runaway Tortilla
Gingerbread Baby
Gingerbread Friends
(We have a few more books and activities to finish up next week!)

These Activities are from:
Deanna Jump's Gingerbread Unit & Gingerbread Centers
Julie Lee's Gingerbread Centers
Free downloads from Mrs. Willis (pattern book), and Sunnydays (glyph)

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