Saturday, December 3, 2011

GingerBread Week 1

 There are so many gingerbread goodies out there that I knew we'd never fit it all in one week. Our K team decided to spend 2 weeks on Gingerbread and I am so glad! Here's what we did our first week:

We began reading different Gingerbread stories (listed at the end of this post) and began charting the title, characters, refrain and ending. I forgot to take a pic so I will post one next week when we are done.

We sorted syllables and made syllable flip books: 

We did many different math journals:

We did a science experiment to find out what would happen if the Gingerbread Man had crossed the river himself. This involved leaving a gingerbread cookie in water for an extended period of time and recording what happened:

We mixed up gingerbread dough, cut out gingerbread men, and added raisin eyes:

Then we cooked them up and ate them!

After eating we graphed which part of the Gingerbread cookie we bit first: 

And then we described Gingerbread. I made this anchor chart and the kids worked with me on white boards to make their own: 

To end the week we made this adorable Gingerbread Face art work to hang in the hallway! I think they turned out so cute: 

Here are our reading centers for our two weeks on Gingerbread (I'll post Math centers in next weeks post) 
Writing Center - Word Families Sort

Game Shelf A Center - Beginning Sounds

Game Shelf B Center - Rhyming Pairs

Library Center- Gingerbread Books

Listening Center - "The Gingerbread Pirates"

Read the Room Center - Gingerbread Words

Pocket Chart Center - Gingerbread Sentences

Word Work Center - Building Sight Words

ABC Center - Ordering Letters

Here are the stories we read this week to start out our unit:

More to come next week!

These activities are from:
Deanna Jump's GingerBread Unit
Julie Lee's Gingerbread Unit

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