Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Fabulous Five Senses!

We've finished our first science unit on senses! We had such a blast learning about each one and what they can tell us about the world around us. We used lots of fun activities from Kindergarten Smiles 5 senses pack, which she just re-did to make even cuter. (It was already adorable!)

Up first we learned all about our ears and how they take in sound waves to the brain to tell us what we're hearing! We played this fun sound bingo game where I played sounds off the computer and they had to listen and cover up what made that sound if they had it.

Next we learned all about our noses and how their are teeny tiny hairs in there (not your nose hairs!) that carry smells to the brain to tell you what you're smelling. We played a fun guessing game where I soaked cotton balls in four different extracts - lemon, orange, mint & maple) and we guessed what they were! 

Next up was touch! I filled four different bags with a frozen popsicle, a conch shell, cotton balls, and a metal bracelet and the kids got to feel without looking. 

For sight we played a fun fame of I-spy and then the kids recorded down what their object had been. We learned how the pupil shrinks and grows to accommodate more/less light, and also about different color irises. I'm the only one in my class who has blue eyes and not brown so whenever I knelt down to work with kids that day I found them staring at my eyes :)

Last we learned about taste! We talked about different tastes - sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter. And then we did a taste test! Their little faces when they tried baker's chocolate (bitter) were so funny! But I did have one kid say that was their favorite! I forgot to take a picture :(

We wrapped up the unit with a fun popcorn experiment where we listened for how it sounded cooking, how it smelled, then once it was cooked we observed how it looked, felt and tasted! 

And that's a wrap! Onward ho to Matter!!

We had so much fun with this pack, make sure you check it out! As much as I love making my own things the beginning of the year is so crazy and I was feeling so stressed and it was so nice to be able to print and go!
Our Five Senses

Our Popcorn experiment, is mine. You can find it here:
Popcorn 5 Senses


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